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Terminator Mouth Rinse

Terminator Mouth Rinse is an advanced oral health formula containing stabilized chlorine dioxide, xylitol, and potassium phosphate, that is tough on microbes yet gentle on oral tissues. Instead of hiding bad breath, Terminator wipes out odor at the source!

The most important active ingredient in Terminator is stabilized chlorine dioxide, which eliminates odor and provides fresh breath. This chemical safe compound is so effective at fighting microbes that municipal water treatment plants often use it for disinfection.

Xylitol, all natural sweetener, is used instead of ordinary sweeteners. Other sweeteners feed bacteria that cause dental caries or plaque. When used together with the toothpaste, Terminator can help improve your dental health, and you will see the results at the dentist’s. Your breath will be minty fresh.

USD $25.00